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Black pudding and braised apples verrines


  • Buy the most common black pudding, (not the big diameter), and make 10 slices 2mm thick. Deep fry the slices and let them cool down on a tissue paper.
  • Cut the rest of the black pudding into little cubes of 1 cm.
  • Peel and core the apples, reserve 10 wedges on the side and cut the rest into cubes too.
  • In a hot pan, melt the butter and sear the apples (including the wedges) for 2 minutes. Add the cubes of black pudding into the pan and carry on cooking for another 2 minutes.
  • Pour the Cognac into the pan and flambé the mix. Careful with your eyebrows!
  • Season to taste and arrange in 10 small shot glasses.
  • Garnish with apples wedges and fried slices of black pudding.

Serving Suggestion

These little shots are impressive appetisers that will work very well at a canapés reception with a glass of champagne.

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