Teaching and Lecturing

When starting his career, Franck was surrounded by the best food “artisans” and chefs in France . Those were also generous mentors who encouraged him to fulfill his potential to become who he is today. Franck needs and want to give something back and share his passion and knowledge with the next generation of chefs.

Franck’s teaching career started in 2007 when he was approached to give a lecture and a demonstration about party food, terrines and charcuterie at London culinary school Le Cordon Bleu. Although this was something totally new , he excelled as a mentor, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the teaching process very natural. Since then, Franck has regularly taught and given demonstrations for leading cookery schools in the country.


Franck has given lectures at UK's oldest private cookery school Tante Marie Culinary Academy, owned by Gordon Ramsay.


Since 2009, Franck has been judging the UK Young Seafood Chef of the Year Competition organized by Grimsby Institute, where he is to become an honorary professor later on in 2013.

Franck's teaching career

Franck is passionate about food and sharing his skills and knowledge, regardless of the level of students he is teaching or the subject matter covered.

Throughout his career, Franck has given courses on a vast array of subjects, from pastry for beginners to charcuterie, working with fish, butcher work or banqueting training for a more advanced audience.

He has given inspirational talks and demonstration at the Norwich City Academy and provides private masterclasses at home too.


Teaching milestones

2013 Inspirational talks at Norwich City Academy: students are encouraged to cook with Franck and demonstrate their skills. 
2012 Cooking with micro-cresses: Franck gives a demonstration at Westminster College with Koppert Cress.
2011 Franck gives his first masterclass at home. Service best suited to groups of 6 to 10 people and available throughout the UK.
2010 Franck gives an exclusive course on the art of terrines and verrines at Tante Marie Culinary Academy
2009 Franck judges Grimsby Institute’s UK Young Seafood Chef of the Year Competition for the first time.
2008 Franck starts giving courses at The Smart School of Cookery
2007 Lecture and demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu in London.

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